Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What is the Blessing Bag?

First let us tell you the story behind the Blessing Bag. It all started a couple of years ago with
our daug
hter Olyvia and son Isaiah. They began to notice the homeless people standing on corners in our city, Saint Louis. As we would drive away from them they began to wonder if there was something that we could give them that would be a 'blessing.' So we began to think of things that we could put into a bag and give to people asking for help. The Blessing Bag was born! Thanks to the hearts of our children and their burden for the homeless we have been able to give these bags to those in need. Now we drive away hoping and praying that they will enjoy the contents of the bag and that they will read the information about the Gospel of Jesus.

Now for the contents of the bag:

1. Start with a bright colored bag, something that will stand out like Red, Yellow or Orange - remember the idea is to brighten someone's day!
2. We staple a label on the bag: "We hope this bag is a blessing to you" From our Family to you. Remember bright color paper!
3. Now what is inside. This is what we have decided to include be creative, what would you like to get?

a. A bottle of water
b. Chicken noodle soup in a pop top can
c. Granola Bar
d. Fruit in a pop top can
e. Snack pack of gummy bears
f. Spoon
g. do you know tract? visit: evangelism explosion
h. gospel of John